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my fav porn site

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You don’t even recognize me, do you writer? You think you’re God? You think you can just make up stuff? Play with peoples lives and kill them when you think it adds to the drama? You’re in this story now and I’ll make you suffer!

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(Ilkka Villi Gifs) 

Come sunrise, This night could be my last, I’ll sitting by the fireside light to see you come home one more time.” 

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"You’re never alone in the darkness".

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AU: When Jane is taken by The Dark Presence Loki appears to help her because he is the only one who can stand the darkness. 

When the love in letters fade // It’s like moving in slow motion // And we’re already too late if we arrive at all… 

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I’ve always had a vivid imagination, but this dream unsettled me. It was wild and dark and weird, even by my standards.

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Poets Of The Fall - War

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It’s not a lake… it’s an ocean.

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It’s not a lake; it’s an ocean.

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Alan Wake

random stuff &  quotes

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No light, no light .


No light, no light .

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